Very strong. My cat’s nails don’t get caught in it. They haven’t been able to rip it.

Upgraded cat proof fly screen is specially designed for pets, thicker & more durable than regular fiberglass screen mesh

Quick & easy to install. No tradesman tools required


Cat Proof Fly Screen | Cat Screen | Cat Proof Window Screen


A Variety Of Options to Choose From


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Velcro edged screens – easily adjust and fit to your window size

Order the size that is larger than the window you want to screen.

Then you can easily custom cut the screen to fit (no tradesman tools required).

Pet Mesh

Suitable for all insects, flies and mosquitos and indestructible from any pet claws

Pet Mesh Specifications

10 x16 (thread count per square inch) mesh.

Pet mesh is made from heavy duty vinyl coated polyester yarns, which is stronger than standard mesh. Pet mesh is the absolute answer to screen damages cause by the claws of cats and dogs. It is tough and durable and yet offers superb outward visibility.

Pet Mesh can be used on insect screen doors and windows and keeps out all types of bugs, flies and mosquitos.

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DIY velcro window screens

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Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – you are able to easily cut the frame to fit (with a cutting blade or strong scissors – no tradesman tools required).

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Can be easily folded and stored away when not in use


Ideal for homes, rental properties, vans, boats and motorhomes


Custom shape and size (ie out of square window or rhomboid)

pet resistant meshA great way to keep your cats safe and let fresh air into your home.

For all their grace and cuteness, household cats can sometimes be extremely clumsy. They often nap anywhere and because of their adoration for heights, they quite often prone to falling.

Although they can land on their feet that doesn’t prevent them from being injured.

Because cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, cat owners all know that an open window is an open invitation to take a perilous trip out onto the window ledge.

Although they have great balance, cats do fall from windows, often suffering horrific injuries as a result. Thus cat owners are faced with a dilemma – open the windows and risk a fall or keep the windows closed and suffer the resulting high temperatures.

Magnetic Insect Screens now provide an economical and effective solution – protection for your cats from falling out of open windows and offering insect protection as an added advantage.

Magnetic Insect Screens cover your window opening with a specially sized, easy to fit strong pvc coated mesh. Fitted in seconds, it lets in air and keeps your cats safe.

No drilling of window frames required!

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We are a “online insect screen supplier”, with no physical shop or premises. In this way, we are able to pass our considerable savings directly to you.

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Velcro Window Insect Screens

What is a Cat Proof Fly Screen?
A Cat Proof Fly Screen is a specially designed screen that prevents cats from scratching or tearing it, providing a durable and reliable solution for pet owners.
How does a Cat Proof Fly Screen work?
A Cat Proof Fly Screen features a reinforced mesh or material that is resistant to cat claws. It is installed over windows or doors to keep cats from damaging the screen while still allowing fresh air and sunlight to enter.
What are the benefits of using a Cat Screen?
Using a Cat Screen provides peace of mind for cat owners, as it helps protect against damage caused by cat scratching. It ensures a longer lifespan for your screens and saves you the hassle and cost of frequent repairs or replacements.
Can a Cat Proof Window Screen be installed on any window?
Yes, a Cat Proof Window Screen can be installed on most standard windows. It comes in various sizes and can be custom-made to fit specific window dimensions.
Are Cat Proof Fly Screens easy to install?
Yes, Cat Proof Fly Screens are designed for easy installation. They often come with a complete installation kit and step-by-step instructions, allowing homeowners to install them without professional assistance.
Can a Cat Proof Fly Screen be removed or replaced?
Yes, Cat Proof Fly Screens can be easily removed or replaced when needed. This allows for cleaning or maintenance of the screens without any hassle.
Are Cat Screens suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, Cat Screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are weather-resistant and can withstand various environmental conditions.
Can a Cat Proof Fly Screen be used with other types of screens?
Yes, Cat Proof Fly Screens can be used alongside other types of screens, such as insect screens or magnetic screens. They provide an additional layer of protection specifically designed for cats.
Where can I buy Cat Proof Fly Screens?
Cat Proof Fly Screens are available online and at specialized home improvement stores. You can also find them at pet supply stores or through professional screen installation services.
Are Cat Proof Fly Screens cost-effective?
Yes, investing in Cat Proof Fly Screens is cost-effective in the long run. They help prevent costly repairs or replacements caused by cat damage and provide a durable solution for cat owners.
How To Install A Cat Proof Insect Window Screen
  • Clean the surface of your window frame to remove any dust, grease, or oil.
  • Use an alcohol base cleaner as a final wipe to ensure that the surface is spotless, allow to dry.
  • Carefully fit the self adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener onto the now clean & dry surface. Do so when the room temperature is 18°C or higher in non-humid conditions. If the temperature is low, warm the frame and the VELCRO® Brand fastener with a hair dryer, or fan heater in an effort to increase the bond.
  • WARNING: Do not pre-cut the VELCRO® strip and attach to the screen; fix directly to the window frame, one side at a time and then cut.
  • WARNING: Do not touch the adhesive strip with fingers, and ensure your scissors are clean and sharp.
  • Hold the VELCRO® fastener strip on the edges between your thumb and forefinger, & gently peel back the liner (without touching the glue) to about 25mm (1″) and place in position on the window frame.
  • Continue down one side of the window frame peeling back the strip liner as you go. Proceed with the other sides of frame.
  • Apply pressure to the strip of the installed VELCRO® fastener with a teaspoon or similar utensil.
  • By applying pressure this activates the ‘Pressure Sensitive Glue’, so it is important to pay special attention to the corners as these are often missed.
  • The VELCRO® fastener will eventually come away from the window frame if sufficient pressure is not applied, and if this happens it cannot be reused.
  • WARNING: The VELCRO® fastener cannot be re-positioned if you make a mistake. You will need to start again with new VELCRO® strips. When doing so ensure there are no traces of glue left behind and the surface is spotless again.
  • WARNING: Allow 24 hours for the glue to harden thoroughly before installing your screen.


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